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Main features:G4240& G4235 semi-automatic medium-sized horizontal bandsaw machine is mainly used for cutting ferrous and non-ferrous metal as well as some no-metal materials. It is characterized by en
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The medium-sized block vertical bandsaw machine is mainly used for cutting module & die stock and steel plate of medium thickness.It is characterized by narrow cut, energy and material saving, precise performance, simple operation, high efficiency.


1.Infinitely variable blade speeds.

2.Feed speed controlled by DC motor with PWM Control system can be adjusted freely, and the performance of low feed speed is stable. 
3.Hang-style operating chamber is stable and convenient .

G5385 Block Vertical Bandsaw

Main features

The machine is a heavy-duty block vertical bandsaw with moving frame controled by PLC. It is suitable for cutting dies and steel plates, etc. It is characterized by narrow cuts, material and energy saving, high accuracy, easy operation and high efficiency.

Structure characteristics:
1.Controls are concentrated on control panel installed on the frame.
2.PLC controls make the performance stable and reliable.
3.Feed speed controlled by D.C motor with PWM control system can be adjusted from 0.7mm/min to 2270mm/min, and the performance of low feed speed system is stable.
4.The cutting length can be selected, shown and controlled by the control panel.
5.Special equipment to monitor and control the deviation of cutting and ensure the cutting alignment.
6.The lifting and moving rollers driven by hydraulic make the workpiece moving forwards and backward freely, aligning and feeding easily.
7.Special attachment: laser project lamp can aim to the cuts conveniently and exactly.
8.The fixing and clamping of the workpiece is easy.
9.The work table and control panel equiped with the ladders, the protecting fence around the work table , which can ensure safety of operator.


Special attachment(equipped according to the customer):
1.Hydraulic lifting, moving rollers, include the hydraulic system and corresponding electric controls 2 or 3 sets
2.Laser project lamp 1 set 
3.Mechanical to length stop device 2 sets
4.Deviation control 1 set 
5.Clamping device 1 sets
6.Chip conveyor 1 set

G5328 Block Vertical Bandsaw Machine

This machine is a new type block vertical bandsaw machine. It is suitable for cutting dies, steel plate and bar, etc. It is characterized by narrow cutting,material and energy saving, high precision, easy operation and high efficiency.


1. The frame were straightly laid on level sideway and slant 30¡ã.

2. The hydraulic controlled frame moves along level direction .

3. Vertical clamp work piece by hydraulic system control.

4. The fixing and clamping of workpiece is easy.

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